Vegan Candy for Halloween!

I often joke that I am eating more plants for beauty, but the concept that my plant-based meals are “cruelty free” is never far from my mind.  There’s a lot of shady stuff going on with the way we “manufacture” our animal products these days, and the less I contribute to that the better.

That’s how we get to today – Halloween!  A day for eating lots and lots of candy.  While consuming near toxic levels of sugar isn’t healthy and doesn’t contribute to glowing skin, it does happen on Halloween so I was curious about which candies were considered vegan or free of animal products.  Of course, PETA has a list of vegan candies.  They say that these are candies made with out animal products, including the following sneaky animal-based ingredients: gelatin (cow’s bones), carmine color (crushed beetles), and confectioner’s glaze (made from female lac beetles).

25 Vegan Halloween Candies (source: PETA):

  1. Airheads
  2. Bottle Caps
  3. Chick-o-Sticks
  4. Cry Babies
  5. Dots
  6. Dum Dums
  7. Fireballs
  8. Fruit by the Foot
  9. Fun Dip
  10. Hubba Hubba bubble gum
  11. Jolly Ranchers
  12. Laffy Taffy (some varieties)
  13. Mamba Fruit Chews
  14. Goldenburg’s Peanut Chews (Original Dark Chocolate Variety)
  15. Pixy Stix
  16. Runts
  17. Skittles (all US flavors)
  18. Smarties
  19. Sour Patch Kids
  20. Spooky Nerds (orange-and-white punch flavors)
  21. Starburst Minis
  22. Swedish Fish
  23. SweeTARTS
  24. Twizzlers
  25. Zots

Read the list and candy descriptions here:


Sour Patch Kids are one of my favorite kinds of vegan Halloween candy  (photo source:

Sour Patch Kids are one of my favorite kinds of vegan Halloween candy
(photo source:

Happy Halloween everyone!

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  1. Lauren says:

    I LOVE sour patch kids! Excellent choice… this is quite the list of candies! Happy Halloween…

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