The Green Smoothie – Part 1: The Basics

When I was first thinking about eating more plants, I was pondering how to get more nutrient-rich greens in my diet.  Thanks to the Beauty Detox Diet book (more about this helpful book here), I was drawn to the power of the green smoothie in the morning.  The author’s smoothie wasn’t my favorite but it did open my mind to the concept of starting the day with a drink full of fiber and health.

The answer to “how do I make a green smoothie for breakfast?” came via Pinterest and the infographic below (the original Pinterest source is from this extremely helpful blog post).

Green Smoothie Guide

Green Smoothie Guide
Source: Pinterest &

Use this infographic as a guide to starting out with green smoothies.  Make different, fun variations and see what YOU like.  Trust me, you cannot taste spinach!  On the other hand, kale is a delicate balance…but more to come on that!

In the coming posts, I’ll be sharing some of tips and tricks for my favorite morning smoothie.  Please share your favorite green smoothie tips!


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3 Responses to The Green Smoothie – Part 1: The Basics

  1. Lauren says:

    I love the IDEA of green juices/smoothies, but I often get overzealous and put the wrong stuff in… so it tastes gross. Here’s my go-to combo (courtesy of a Whole Foods recipe):

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