Hi! Welcome to Trina Eats Plants.  I’m Trina, and this is my blog about a food-lover becoming an herbivore and an all around healthier human.  If you’re at all curious about how to be a vegan / plant-based eater  / vegetarian / pescatarian / ovo-pescatarian, you’ve found the right blog.

My story

I’m a corn-fed female from the heart of the USA, rural Iowa.  Where I grew up, we grow a lot of corn and soybeans and raise a lot of pigs and cows.  Growing up there was meat in almost every meal, which is not uncommon at all.  When I left home, I progressively ate less and less meat as I began to question how meat was being processed and animals were being raised.

As I grew into a fully functioning, independent grown person, I struggled with very stubborn skin problems which I found to be utterly embarrassing.  After being placed on really strong medication and not fully being cured, I realized that it had to be something with my diet.  After research and talking with my dermatologist, dairy was identified as the main thing I should try to cut out of my diet.

For those who  know me, I tend to get excited and intense…and I became intense about this diet change.  As one who already didn’t eat much meat, I decided to try being fully vegan for a period.  I can’t say enough about how great eating plants made me feel.  I lost weight, my skin improved and my sinus issues vanished.  To top it off, I did this all while traveling every week for work.

While I’m now more of an ovo-pescatarian (I occasionally eat fish and eggs), I’ve found that eating like this is a way of life and there’s a lot to learn when you’re getting started.  My hope is this blog can be a guide for those wanting to eat more plants and also a resource for the traveling vegan.



Trina @ the Shedd

Trina @ the Shedd

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